There is an interesting convergence of events that has been taking place involving the advertising, marketing, print and copier industries. Copier companies such as Canon, Xerox, Ricoh and others have done a good job of convincing their clients that marketing and advertising is nothing more than being able to print your own marketing collateral in-house. These copiers are generally good at what they do but limited in their ability to produce a wide spectrum of effective marketing collateral. Their application is narrow, not to mention that the economic evaluation associated with owning/leasing and operating your own digital machines is more complicated and involved than you may have been lead to believe.

At the end of the day, no matter how it's produced, marketing materials need to speak to your customers or potential customers in a way that attracts them to your company. Whatever it is that you might be selling, it's virtually guaranteed that your potential customers already have a supplier. Effective marketing programs give those prospects a reason to leave their current suppliers and buy from you. At Alpha Design and Print we collaborate with you to effectively communicate with your customers. We're not an ad agency. We work with clients that generally know who their customers are and what drives their purchase decision. We work with them to explore the wide spectrum of communication alternatives. Our graphic design department is highly experienced, having worked with many different industries. We can assist you with copywriting and finding the right art to express your point.

At Alpha Design and Print we help you differentiate yourself from your competition whether through email blasts, direct mail, or traditional offset and digital printing. Regularity and consistency of message drives marketing. We can assist you where you need help.